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Our promise to you...

First, we appreciate your business. Whether its a photo on canvas or a hand painted portrait we'll work hard to get the Art right before we ship. We want you to cherish your custom made portrait forever. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Don't be afraid to tell us about any special desires you might have. Its our goal to meet your expectations in every possible way..

Thats our promise!

"This portrait was a gift to my Wife from a close family friend. The portrait was created from a photo of our dog taken in our living room. We were both surprised at how lifelike and accurate the the reproduction was. This was a real nice job guys. We'll definitely be re-visiting your service."

Bob Freese, San Diego, California

"My Daughter Susan was 11 when this picture was taken. She wasn't even smiling. How can such an average photo turn into a painting like this. I really don't know what to say. Its just amazing. I'm going to tell everyone I know about your studio."

Allison Whitmier, Denver, Colorado

"We heard about your service from a friend and sent you this cherished photo of Dad and Mom (its my favorite). My Mother cried when she saw the painting you made for us as a gift.Your Artists just captured the two of them so perfectly from the photo to the painting. I can't thank you enough."

Michael Downey, Miami, Florida

"A professional photographer took a series of beach photos over the Summer. The photos were great but I had no idea how much more it would come to life after creating a painting. The result is so ethereal a memory really captured for the ages. I still can't believe how good this turned out for the price we paid. How did you do that?"

Jill Fairbanks, Los Angeles, California

"We received the painting today.....just want to say "thank you" for a great job on our family portrait. You folks really made our Christmas special this year. It was a work of art we'll definitely keep forever. Great work and thank you guys again from the bottom of my heart."

Jennifer Cousins, Memphis, Tennessee

"Thank you Peter for beautiful painting. I can't tell you how much I love it. Its a fabulous job. Far better than I expected. Thank you so much. "

Celia Hart, New Haven, Connecticut

"Yes !!! I would absolutely love for you to include the stunning painting of my grand daughter in your new customer showcase. I simply cannot thank you enough for the beautiful painting you created from my photo. I will certainly use your services in the future. Thank you and god bless."

Katie Fisher, St Louis, Missouri

"The painting of Danny and I on our Wedding day is absolutely amazing. You turned my special day into an artwork and I will cherish it forever. "

Cindy Szymanski, Golden, Colorado

Affordable Gift Certificates for friends and family...
A painted Pet or family portrait used to be something only the wealthy could afford. But now you can create a gift certificate here on our website and have it delivered to your recipient in 10 minutes.Or you can send the certificate to yourself for printing on your own computer.

Our gift certificates can be used to print a favorite photo on canvas, create a painted artwork or restore an old or damaged photo. And they never expire!

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Trying to raise funds?
We believe in supporting the communities we serve. If you're planning an event to raise funds for a dog rescue, school, church or anything else worthwhile in your community....just let us know.

We'll try to help if we can.

Be sure to explain your fundraising campaign so we can understand what your goals are. For those campaigns we can verify...we'll try to support you in your fundraising efforts.

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Our Affiliates earn up to 20% !
Most sites on the internet offer affiliate commissions between 10 to 15%. We think you deserve more. We offer a more generous rate since your hard work and reputation that brought the customer in.

We recognize visitors you send to our site for a full 90 days. Learn More...

Partner Opportunities..
Yes, we accept inquiries from qualified resellers who want to sell our product in a physical store. We offer displays, sales literature and incentives to help you get started and attract interest in our affordable Art services. Give us a call to learn more.